Its been awhile….. and honestly i’m exhausted. Its like they say, the only thing that’s constant is change itself. We’ve all been in situations where we try all our lives to avoid, situations where we swore we would never be in or even situations where we never pictured ourselves in. But here we are sitting in the depths of our own despair, wondering when will the nightmare end.

Here’s the thing most of us don’t see when we’re wallowing in these dark times, these are the times that challenge our very existence, where we feel most alive. This is the time we change, where we grow. It’s times like these where we can change how we look at our problems. Sure, it may be hard but honestly, no one ever said it was easy right? if it was that easy, divorce lawyers and marriage councellors would be out of a job.

You may think you had it rough, you may feel like the world is turning it’s back on you. So, let’s take a step back and look at the problem from a distance. In a world, where wars are going on, social unrest, racism, homophobia, assasinations, global warming, deadly diseases, etc. How does your problem compare to it? The universe has it way harder and it’s been around for billion of years! This is what you’re going to do:

1) Call some of your closest pals

2) Grab a nice cold one

3) Pop your favourite jam in the stereo

4) Embrace your very own existence.

5) If it still doesn’t work then repeat step 1 (even if your problem doesn’t fade away, it’ll sure feel good to feel fuzzy)


So the next time you’re faced with adversity, be it from relationships, work or family, just remember a smooth sea never made a good sailor 😉


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